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Fruit flesh instead of meat flesh

The Jackfruit

The jackfruit is part of the mulberry family and is grown in the world’s topical regions, such as India, Thailand, Vietnam and Sri Lanka.

The jackfruit tree thrives on deep, nutrient-rich soils in these regions.
The fruits were originally widely used in south and southeast Asian cuisine and are now conquering the world’s kitchens and shops from there.

The unripe fruits are peeled and used like vegetables in various dishes. This wide range of possible uses is thanks to the neutral taste and no additional flavours.

In terms of structure and consistency the fruit’s flesh is similar to meat cooked at a low temperature, which is why we now import young jackfruit for you as a vegan meat substitute.

For meat-like results

Our range

Jackfruit chunks IQF

Picked at the beginning of the ripening period • Natural product • Hand cut cubes • The cubes are only blanched or pre-cooked • IQF packed frozen packed and delivered in 8-10 kg box • Must be further processed • Ideal for meat-like vegan products • NEW: Now also available as organic jackfruit

Jackfruit chunks pouch bags

Picked at the beginning of the ripening period • Natural product • Pre-cooked and pasteurised • Packed and delivered in 2 kg pouch bags • This variant is similar to tuna, pulled pork or chicken in terms of consistency and colour • Suitable for immediate consumption; therefore, suitable for ragouts, BBQ burgers, salads, pizza toppings, etc. • NEW: Now also available as organic jackfruit

Jackfruit BBQ pulled meat

Jackfruit chunks marinated in smoky and spicy BBQ marinade • Packed in 5 kg buckets • Requires refrigeration • Ready to eat • Very good for pizza toppings, pides, sandwiches, burgers, salads and much more

Jackfruit vish sticks

In crispy breadcrumb coating with vegan fish flavour • Pre-cooked • Weight per piece approx. 35-40g • IQF frozen, packed in 5x2 kg bags in a box • Suitable for the pan, convection oven and deep fat fryer

Jackfruit granules

Minced, seasoned and fried jackfruit • IQF packed frozen and delivered in 10 kg box for further processing • Fantastic for pizza topping, lahmacun and pides, lasagne, Bolognese sauce, tacos and other “minced meat” dishes

Tuna fish-style jackfruit

Jackfruit chunks marinated in capers and oil, seasoned with traditional fish spices • Packed in 5 kg buckets • Requires refrigeration • Ready to eat • Best suited for salads, sandwiches, pizza toppings, spreads, etc.

Jackfruit Empanadas

Spanish/South American speciality in pastry with a spicy filling • Pre-baked, ready to eat • Weight per piece 100g • IQF frozen, 40 pieces packed in a box • Suitable for the oven, convection oven and microwave

Jackfruit Lasagne

Classic Italian recipe • Weight per piece 1kg • IQF frozen, packed as a 1 kg tray • Suitable for the oven and convection oven

Jackfruit bratwurst

Bratwurst in vegan alginate casing, classic Franconian-style seasoning • Boiled • Unit weight 25g • IQF packed frozen in 5x 2 kg box • Great for the grill or the pan

Jackfruit meatballs

Swedish Köttbullar-style seasoned meatballs • Pre-cooked • Unit weight 16g • IQF packed frozen and delivered in 10kg box • Ready to eat • Can be used cold and warm

The BBQ season is opened

New in our range

Vegan Jackfruit Bratwurst in five different flavors – Unit weight 75g, IQF frozen

Ideas from around the world

Jackfruit Dishes

For a healthy diet

Eat better with jackfruit

Our jackfruit is a completely natural product! The cultivation takes place without any genetic engineering or use of pesticides and uses much less water and energy, than is the case with the processing of soy and peas.
Also, no petroleum derivatives are added to the manufacture of our product.

Thanks to transport by ship the environmental footprint is also much better than soya and peas, which are transported from southern Europe by truck. Therefore our jackfruit is much more resource-efficient than all other similar meat-imitation products.

The jackfruit is not only more environmentally friendly, it is also rich in magnesium and fibre, gluten-free and low in calories. The meat-like structure gives consumers the same feel in the mouth.

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